Fire Consulting International, Inc. (FCII) is an association of many experienced, certified fire investigators with specialized skills to meet our clients’ investigative and litigation requirements in any geographical area of the United States, Canada and many foreign countries. Our expertise and skills, along with affiliates in the scientific, engineering and research fields provide our clients with “one stop shopping” resources to meet individual case needs.

We provide services ranging from origin and cause investigations to assistance with litigation preparation and other consulting needs for insurance companies, attorneys, private investigative firms, and fire and police departments. We also provide peer review of reports to ensure regulatory compliance with NFPA guidelines and ASTM standards. Constructive evaluation of those reports “raise the bar” in reporting and ultimately in the presentation for the client or in litigation.

Educational classes tailored to your needs can be provided on-site, or in a separate facility. Our instructors supply valuable information gathered from numerous sources, and years of experience in the fire investigation industry., a separate division of Fire Consulting International, Inc. provides vendor vetting, peer review, and assignment processing using an online platform built for the insurance industry. We are proud to be the sole provider of this service as we created the proprietary platform specifically for claims investigations.

Join in the comprehensive professional concept of FCII:

Correct Determinations + Critical Evaluations + Expert Presentations = Positive Results