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We provide services ranging from origin and cause investigations to assistance with litigation preparation and other consulting needs for insurance companies, attorneys, private investigative firms, and fire and police departments.

Expert Origin & Cause, Subrogation and Liability Determinations Systematic and Critical Scene Evaluation, Photography and Evidence Collection Emergency Services, Fire and Police Department Contacts Expert Depositions and Testimony Witness and Insured Interviewing Neighborhood Canvassing Information Systems Resources and Services
Critical Expert Review of Fire and Explosion Cases Trial Preparation: Strategies, Witness Preparation and Opposition Cross-Examination Recommendations Evaluation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Evidence, Exhibits and Recommendations of Further Activities Evaluation of Witness Information, Depositions and Prior Testimony Trial Order for Presentation Expert Evaluation of Engineering Reports and Witnesses Recommendations of Additional Engineers and Exhibits Expert Testimony Information Systems Resources and Services
      • Subrogation Management: Subrogation Management takes the claim from the initial scene investigation, further develops the facts by creating an Investigative Plan. The plan is created in Consultation with the client or the law firm. Once approved, the plan is managed as it determines additional facts and focuses on potential responsible persons or products. Management also assists in securing evidence, selecting experts and testing to make the file ready for subsequent use by the law firm.
    • Investigative Management for Claim Defense: This involves working directly with the law firm to review known facts and determine strategic needs. Then overseeing the process of verifying facts, location and interviewing witnesses. Then, if needed, use the Medical Investigation and Audit protocol to examine the medical documents to validate or deny the claim.


NFPA Standards, Codes, Guidelines and ASTM Standards


In a detailed PEER REVIEW we will discuss with you further items that will reinforce your opinions, any other suggested investigative activities and, indicate any mistakes in information or typos etc. In a less detailed TECHNICAL REVIEW  we would only review whether the proper methodology was utilized. We would of course, point out obvious mistakes and typos etc. We would not go into detail with suggestions for reinforcement of determinations or follow up activities. In either case, you would receive a paragraph from us to add to the bottom of your report indicating that the report was either Peer or Technically reviewed and that it met the minimum requirements.


  • Theft – Home Owner or Commercial: Beginning with a site visit, the investigation will determine the validity of the claim, conduct the needed interviews, contact law enforcement, conduct a neighborhood canvass, and obtain and verify the receipts or documents that support the claim.
  • Workers Compensation, Auto Liability, and Injury Claims: Determine the facts that would support or deny the validity of the claim. Manage any needed surveillance or investigation to determine the activity level of the claimant. Interview any witness to the event or discover other witnesses. Utilize Medical Investigation and Audit protocols to establish prior existing physical conditions, other potential causes of injury, use the National Federal Registry to benchmark billing amounts, code correctness and evaluate medical standards of care questions.
  • Fraud and other types of claims: Determine facts supporting claims in Mortgage Fraud, Credit Life and Disability, Inland Marine and Maritime, Fiduciary Trust and Identify Theft issues.
  • Contracted Special Investigation Unit: Many states require Mandated Fraud Reporting if fraud is suspected in a claim. Many also require the presence either in-house or by out source contract a Special Investigations Unit to conduct investigations in suspect claims and regular training of adjusters in fraud issues.
  • Training for Adjuster Staff in Fraud issues: Workshop and Seminar setting training is available in all types of insured claims matters. This training reviews with adjusters of fraud and overviews the common fraud schemes. The training also presents methods to resist the suspect claim.

Fire Analysis


We are the innovative, process linking insurance carriers to pre-screened and qualified investigators, engineers, and other vendors throughout the United States assuring your compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act.


  • Secure Internet Portals for Information Management
  • Loss Administration and Assignment
  • Processing for Insurance Carriers
  • Vendor Vetting and Investigator Management
  • Tracking Certification, C.V., Licensing, E&O Insurance and Training
  • Expert Review of Fire Investigation Reports


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educational programs

Classes are designed to help insurance professionals meet their mandatory licensing requirements while providing relevant and current information to better service their clients.

NFPA 921 Scientific Method


NFPA 1033 Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators


Understanding Explosions


Fire Investigation for the Insurance Industry


Expert Witness Testimony


Interviewing Techniques and Evaluation


Fire Origin and Cause Determination



Insurance Fraud Detection


Report Writing


Bitler v. Smith Corporation

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Fire Consulting International, Inc. (FCII) is an association of experienced, certified fire investigators with specialized skills to meet our clients’ investigative and litigation requirements in any geographical area of the United States, Canada and many foreign countries.


Michael Schlatman

Michael Schlatman


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Donna Ingram

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We maintain contact and directly participate in all facets of our profession. We volunteer our time and provide our expertise and experience to numerous not for profit organizations. We understand that for the fire investigation community to strengthen skills, we must share our knowledge and maintain high ethical standards.

Fire Protection

  • Dr. David Icove: Knoxville, TN. Mbl: (865) 384-7354, Fax: (865) 693-4361. Email:

Electrical Engineers

  • Engineering Design and Testing: Scott Cramer, Lenexa, KS. Ph: (913) 859-9580, Fax: (913) 859-0630
  • Schaefer Engineering: St. Louis, MO. Ph: (636) 332-6464, Fax: (636) 332-6445


  • Engineering Design & Testing: Kyle Minden, Mechanical Engineer, Lenexa, KS. Ph: (913) 859-9580, Mbl: (913) 449-4953, Fax: (913) 859-0630
  • Henderson Engineers: Chris Thibodeaux, Lenexa, KS. Ph: (913) 742-5000, Direct: (913) 742-5513, Fax: (913) 742-5001. Email:


  • McAtee Mechanical: Rob McAtee, Kansas City. Ph: (913) 262-4999, Mbl: (913) 515-6756 , Fax: (913) 262-8562

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